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Team - Each team will consist of a maximum of 16 paddlers and 1 drummer. Additional members should be enrolled, to allow substitutes to be used in later races.

Declaration - Team Captains, when registering, will produce a list of team members, recorded on the Crew Declaration Form enclosed. The Team Captain will sign the declaration on behalf of the whole team, accepting all the risks involved in participating, and that all members of their team are fit and able to swim, as per the medical instructions below. He/she agrees not to hold Ltd, the Rotary Clubs of Huddersfield and Wakefield Chantry, Wakefield MDC, and any designated Charities benefiting from this event, liable for any claims arising from any accident resulting in any loss or damage, including bodily injury or death, and agree to be bound by the Rules. Any crew member considered by the Gable Event Director to be unfit, or unsuitable for any reason including physical condition, alcohol or drugs, will not be permitted to race, and the Event Director’s decision in that respect will be final.

Age Limit - All paddlers must be 16 years of age or over. The only exception to this rule is if an organisation/club or society specifically for younger ages wishes to enter a team, the age limit will be 14 so long as an officer of the organisation/club or society is with the team in the boat and takes full responsibility for the members and their conduct. Please ask the organisers by use of the contact tab on this site for confirmation of acceptance of an entry before finalising it. 

Racing - Racing will commence around 10.00am and continue throughout the day to finish between 4.00 and 5.00pm Each team will race three times against the clock. The finalists will be determined by using each teams fastest time. Depending on final number of teams competing, the heats will be between 2, 3, or 4 boats, and the Grand Final will consist of 4 or 6 boats.

The Course - The 250 metre (approx) course will start near the South bank of the lake, and will finish in front of the Clubhouse. Teams will board their boat from the pontoon in front of the Clubhouse. They will paddle up the West side of the lake to the start line. After each race, the team will disembark at the pontoon.

Control of Racing - The professionals, Gable Events Ltd. (GEL) will organise the racing in accordance with the rules of the International Dragon Boat Federation. A Gable Event Director will be in overall control of racing, and his directions, relayed over the public address system or by radio to marshals on the lake, are to be obeyed by crews at all times.

The Director’s decisions will be final on all aspects of racing. GEL will provide the helmsman in each boat. His/her duties are to navigate and to oversee the safety of the crew at all times.

All instructions to the crew must be responded to immediately.

Medical restrictions - Members of the team must be reasonably fit, able to swim 50 metres wearing a life jacket, and not vastly overweight in relation to their height. If you are unsure whether you are fit to take part, please seek advice from your GP. If any member has a disability, they will be asked to sign a Disabled waiver on the enclosed form. The Event Director reserves the right to refuse any team member from entering the event, if he has grounds for believing the person is physically or medically unfit to race.

Insurance - The professional racing organisers, Gable Events Ltd (GEL), fully comply with industry standards and are members of  the British Dragon Boat Racing Association (BDA). They have Public Liability Insurance of £5m and Employers Liability Insurance of £10m. the Rotary Organisation also have coverage for events of this nature.

Health and Safety - Each competitor will be required to be in possession of

Facilities - Showers. Available in the Club House BUT only for teams to use in the event of a capsize.

Toilet facilities. Portaloos will be provided.

Food. The Club House has a Cafeteria, which will be open to teams and the public.

As we anticipate the facility will be very busy, we recommend that you bring picnics etc for your own team and their families.

Challenge Trophy and Cups - The Stuart Wardell Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the winning team to hold for one year. It remains the property of the organisers and must be returned in good time before the following years event.

The winning team will also be awarded a Trophy that may be retained. All paddlers in the first second and third overall teams will receive a commemorative medal. There will also be a prize for the Best Dressed Team.

Best dressed team - All teams are encouraged to wear matching team outfits and fancy dress, thus adding to the atmosphere on the day. During the day, an independent adjudicator will identify the winner, and the trophy will be presented to the chosen team.

Team identification - As each team will race in different boats throughout the day, it will not be possible to decorate a boat with the team’s colours etc. However, so that a team can be identified on the water, teams can provide a distinctive flag 1 metre high by 600mm wide carrying the team’s logo. The flag should have a sleeve along the short side to take a 33mm dia. pole, sewn up at the top, to be slipped on to the boats flagpole on boarding.

Commentary - Throughout the day, there will be a commentary about the event over the PA system. Each team is asked to provide in advance on the enclosed form,background information about their organisation, their team and its characters, humorous or otherwise, which can be used to ‘entertain’ the crowd. This form can be handed in at Registration time.

Brochures - A comprehensive brochure in full colour will be available a few weeks before the event, and each team will receive 5 complimentary copies. In addition, they will be asked to sell extra copies at £1.00 each. On the day, brochures will be on sale to the public, with a loose sheet with details of all participating teams. These sheets will be distributed to Team Bases before commencement of racing.

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